Serving Our Wonderful Colleagues

Our colleagues at the Myanmar Institute of Theology inspire us with the extent of their commitment and their deep care for their students. They sacrificially serve long days at the seminary and fill their weekends serving their church and community in various ways. However, their needs are often pushed to the side, and few resources are available to strengthen and encourage them. Being able to attend a morning-long faculty workshop, “Spirit-Led Leadership on Campus” provided a rare opportunity for them to be “fed” and reflect more deeply on their own spiritual lives, teaching, and ministries. Their interaction with the material Tim presented was thoughtful and probing. May God nurture the seeds that were planted to encourage their hearts, draw them deeper into God’s wonderful love, and help them to serve the seminary and Church more and more fruitfully.

One thought on “Serving Our Wonderful Colleagues

  1. Mingalarbar U Teet Maw Thay and Daw Jill. Kyay Zu Tin Bar Tel. Pha-Yarr-Tha-Khin Kaung Gyi Pay Bar Zay. [S’ (Spirit-led) Joseph]

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