Sharing A Labyrinth Walk on Campus

After class one day, I went up to the chapel to walk and pray. A student choir was rehearsing in the front by the piano. Their voices and Kachin song accompanied me as I moved on the labyrinth. When I was done, I continued my prayer as I looked out the fourth-floor windows. Suddenly I was aware of someone beside me, “How do you do this?” the first-year student asked. When I turned around I saw two other students already praying. I told her, “Let’s walk together, I’ll show you.” She wasn’t sure what to do when she got to the first turn, but with a little encouragement and a few basic instructions, she was following the path on her own. In the center, I heard quiet sobbing. I prayed for her journey–on and off the labyrinth.

Afterward, she found me at the window again. “This prayer really changes us,” she told me. “What did you experience?” I asked. “When I came I was only aware of my problems, but now I feel different.” We talked about her concerns and her prayer. She told me she wanted to build a labyrinth at her church. I explained that next year I will be offering an elective class on labyrinth prayer which will include labyrinth construction, and invited her to take it. I hope she does!

I love how God uses the labyrinth to touch people and to minister to their needs. Over and over again, I see God using labyrinth prayer to bring people together, to help us care for one another, and to inspire us to serve our communities in new ways.


3 thoughts on “Sharing A Labyrinth Walk on Campus

  1. These photos are so beautiful. May God establish the work of your hands, JILL. Hope to see you in summer. (a note from Yu Ann)

  2. Hi Jill,
    This is a grand image of a labyrinth and a powerful story. Thank you for your comments on the 365 tls and in linking to your page, I was delighted to find your inspiration waiting here! Lynda T

  3. Dear Jill – I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes too. Your comments about how the students found it useful confirm again for me how we offer the labyrinth to the world like sending a winged seed out onto the breath of God – we have no control of where or how it lands or where it will take root.
    Blessings to you and Tim – all grace and peace to you,
    Joy Bowles (Australia)

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