Easter Joy in Chartres

To walk, sing and pray the entire Christian story from creation through Jesus’ resurrection is a moving experience. To repeat it annually on the eve of Easter helps to refocus the meaning of one’s life and one’s faith. I was so blessed to pray the Vigil this year in Chartres. The beauty of both the liturgy and the cathedral work together to produce awe, commitment and joy. I wish everyone I love could have been with me! May these photos help you share in experience of the beauty and the meaning of Christ’s deep love for you.

In case you are wondering–each year after the Paschal Vigil the Bishop of Chartres invites the youth, led by the Community of Chemin Neuf to sing and dance as they rejoice in Christ’s resurrection.


6 thoughts on “Easter Joy in Chartres

  1. Easter Vigil at the Cathedral in Portland is the highlight of our year. Seeing your amazing pictures I said, “I want to go to Chartres for Easter next time.” Thank you for the lovely inspiring pictures.

  2. I really liked these photos. By themselves, they are incredible! Combined with my memories from last year, they are very special.

    Love, Dan

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