Ukrainian Labyrinth Prayer Walk

Praying in a circle, we sang praise songs in Russian before entering the five circuit Chartres-style masking tape labyrinth for our prayer walk. The intentionality of these first-time labyrinth walkers moved me deeply. The seminary students read their Bibles (Psalm 66 for instance), sang, stood in one place for many minutes with hands raised in prayer or crossed over their hearts, walked silently, or moved while praying in quiet voices. No one seemed hurried. When finished, people sat on wooden benches facing the labyrinth, silently witnessing others, reflecting on the experience, or continuing their prayer in song or words. The depth of our communal prayer felt palpable. Afterwards, we shared the feelings, images, experiences, and thoughts that had emerged and how they mirrored other experiences in our lives. What a joy and privilege it is to introduce this spiritual tool around the world and witness God’s love touching people in so many varied and meaningful ways.

Please note that many of the eighteen students have been removed from these photos as their images could put them at risk of religious persecution in their home countries. Walkers from the Ukraine, U.S., Russia, and four central asian countries spent an hour sharing this experience.


3 thoughts on “Ukrainian Labyrinth Prayer Walk

  1. Thank you, Jill, for sharing your photos and your thoughts. As I pray with you, I feel as if I am praying/walking the Labyrinth in Ukraine with you and the others. Especially praying for encouragement for the students whose photos were removed because of the real risk of religious persecution for themselves and their families. Also, as I read/prayed/observed the photos I was struck with the thought of how God has used you and the labyrinth ministry for over 20+ years to reach out and teach others to use this spiritual tool. You have touched countless lives in so many countries around the world. God will say to you one day, “well done my faithful daughter”. I pray for God’s blessings on you.

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