Into the Unknown–With Faith

We left Yangon to travel northwest, to a remote part of Myanmar in Chin State. We will be teaching seminary professors and pastors about Spirit-Led Leading, installing a labyrinth, and visiting various churches and seminaries. Myanmar is a beautiful country, but this past week the monsoon rains have caused deadly flooding that destroyed many farmers’ fields in Kalay Myo and caused mudslides in the Chin Hills. (I’m waiting on the side of the road for one of them to be cleared as I write the first draft for this post). Many who were planning to come to our week-long seminar have had to cancel as sixteen bridges were washed away and all bus travel to this region has been suspended. We haven’t even started, and already we are facing unexpected challenges and significant changes. Nevertheless, we trust that God is leading each step of the way. Please pray with us for all those we will be serving during the coming days.


3 thoughts on “Into the Unknown–With Faith

  1. We are with you, for joy even in adversity. Also, we pray for those who have lost so much. Love from Patricia and Fred

  2. We are praying with you and lifting you up before the throne of the Lord. May HIS loving arms surround you in the warmth of HIS love and care. Blessings on you both, Tim & Cindy

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