Labyrinth Building in Falam

Thanks to all who prayed for the seminary community at the Chin Christian Institute of Theology as we built a temporary five circuit inner Chartres-style labyrinth in northern Myanmar. As usual, many challenges presented themselves–lack of space, rain, my dyslexic sense of space, and language to name a few–but none were insurmountable. Students, faculty, and guests installed the labyrinth and then walked it,  praying together. As the group stood outside the labyrinth afterward, there was a profound quiet that spoke of the beauty of God’s presence among us. We retreated from the rain and sat together in the chapel sharing the meanings of the experience for us–individually and as a community. The president of the seminary wondered out loud about the possibility of installing a permanent labyrinth in their large community garden. Please continue to pray as we use the labyrinth as part of the transformative leadership training we are leading in Falam, a town in the Chin State.


4 thoughts on “Labyrinth Building in Falam

  1. Praise God! HE can accomplish more then we can even imagine. Jill, we are praying for you & Tim, the students, and the seminary staff. We continue to pray for opportunities to become available as you learn together and seek God’s leading in your partnership with Chin Christian Institute of Theology in Falam. With much love and many prayers, Tim & Cindy

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