Who Inspires You?

While visiting Hakha our friends from the Chin Christian College took us to the Headquarters of the Hakha Baptist Association. They shared stories of the early American Baptist missionaries to the Chin Hills in the late 1890s, as well as the first Chin converts and Church leaders. The grandson of Rev. David Van Bik, the main translator of the Bible into the Hakha Chin language, gave me a tour of the Van Bik museum, sharing family memories of this great man. At my request, this lecturer, who we first met when he was a student at MIT, also took me to his grandfather’s grave where we stood in silent prayer of thanks for his wonderful dedication and contributions. While we also visited the Hakha Baptist Church, and saw the orphanage and clinic run by the Association. I was deeply moved when we visited a memorial chapel that included the graves of the Americans and Chin pastors and evangelists who had served the people of the region so that they might know and love Christ. Many local women come to pray in the early morning, kneeling on the graves of those who have shown the way. I considered it a great privilege to join them as I prayed on the grave of A. E. Carson, the first American Baptist pastor who came to the Chin Hills. His example, and the example of the Chin leaders whose graves surrounded me, inspired me to ask God for the courage, dedication and love that they had embodied so faithfully.


4 thoughts on “Who Inspires You?

  1. Thanks for sharing your very interesting and unusual experiences with those of us who are unable to go to the Chin Hills.

  2. What a fantastic testimony of God’s enduring faithfulness to those who serve him. We are praying for our fellow believers in the Chin Hills. Thank you, Jill & Tim, for sharing the ongoing ministry of the Hakha Baptist Association with us. Each of Jill’s photos and also your comments make me feel that I am right there with you. Thank you for sharing from your heart. In Christ, Tim

  3. Really appreciate and thank you for your ministry to Hakha, especially to Chin Christian College (CCC, Hakha). God bless you and your ministry more and more.

  4. Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful opportunity God has given for you to share your gifts and your love for Jesus. Blessings and prayers for health and strength
    Jerry’s nephew has been in Burma for many years creating and working with the English speaking schools.

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