Building A Masking Tape Chartres-style Labyrinth in Cambodia

Step by step we built this forty foot Chartres-style labyrinth with masking tape on the floor of a meeting room in Cambodia. None of my helpers had ever heard of or seen a labyrinth before, but by following some simple directions we constructed it an hour and a half.

Watch for a future post on our prayer experience of using this labyrinth as part of the Spirit-Led Leadership Training in Cambodia.

Labyrinth Building Cambodia

(Photographic note: these photos were taken by placing a camera on a tripod and using an automatic shutter release that went off every minute.)


4 thoughts on “Building A Masking Tape Chartres-style Labyrinth in Cambodia

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  2. Wow, I am so impressed and inspired. I had wondered how one would do something like this, and now I know! I painted a simpler Labyrinth on canvas, starting by hanging it (folded in half) on a wall and projecting the design, tracing it with chalk, and eventually using acrylic paint over stencils. Size was limited by my wall! This Chartres labyrinth is fantastic.

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