A Room With A View: Chartres

During four days on retreat at the Centre Oecumenique et Artistique de Chartres I prayed at my desk below a window looking out to the cathedral. As I contemplated and meditated in the shadow of the Chartres Cathedral, I witnessed the changing of the light, breathed in the beauty of the church, and gave thanks that I had been assigned a room with such an inspirational view!

With gratitude for the loving care of the team (Sylvie, Marina, Odile, Norbert, and François) that lead the Retraite Pour Les Artistes from the Communauté de Chemin Neuf.

If you are interested in staying at COACH while in Chartres, you can contact the community (in French, German or English) at aretic.ccn@wanadoo.fr or  023718322.


2 thoughts on “A Room With A View: Chartres

  1. Thank you so much for returning me to a place I love deeply, the cathedral and the view from your room. Pam

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