Walking on Water Labyrinth (NZ)

“Based on the Chartres design, but painted in swirling blues, greens and browns–the colors of the South Pacific,” read the description of the St. Columba labyrinth on the World-wide labyrinth locator. This Auckland church labyrinth, first seen shining in the mid-summer New Zealand rain, indeed combined the medieval pattern used in Chartres, France and pallet of the ocean water that surrounds the country. Movement, vibrance, peacefulness, and flow seemed to swirl below us as we walked and prayed. The variety of colors and scents from the gardens supported us and called forth  gratitude for the beauty of divine and human creation.

This labyrinth invites each of us to ask, “If I were to build a labyrinth where I live, how would I express the gifts of my context?” and “How can what I  love become a gift to others?”

Thanks to all those at St. Columba’s who envisioned, created, and maintain this sacred place of prayer.

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5 thoughts on “Walking on Water Labyrinth (NZ)

  1. That is the most visually beautiful and inspiring Labyrinths I’ve seen aside from the original one in Chartres Cathedral. Thank you for sharing this Blessing. Pam.

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