Labyrinth Surprise in Auckland, New Zealand

Many times I go in search of specific labyrinths. At other times labyrinths find me. As I jumped off the city bus to see St. Columba’s Anglican Cathedral in Auckland I had no idea of the surprise that lay ahead. As I visited the cathedral I picked up a brochure about the historic parish. Before leaving the area, while waiting to pick up a pizza, I saw a series of garden circles on the back of the church’s brochure. They looked labyrinth-like, although as my son pointed out there were no gaps that could have signaled turns. We decided to trek back up the street to check out the grounds, “just in case.” We found a labyrinth nestled beside the historical St. Mary Church.

The joy of walking the 7 circuit classical labyrinth was as immense as unexpected. The cross seemed situationally appropriate and comforting as it defined the walk. Under the deep blue skies, while sheltered by lovely gardens, we watched the city life just beyond the hedges. Walking invited integration. How grateful I am to pray with my heart and body in so many wonderful expressions of the hospitality, generosity and creativity of faith communities on the North Island of New Zealand.

A note to those with labyrinths: Thanks to all those who have listed their labyrinths on the World-wide labyrinth locator. If you haven’t done so, please consider what a gift it might be for those who live in your neighborhood and those traveling from afar.

To see posts on the other labyrinths I have visited in New Zealand: Suffering and the Labyrinth Prayer (Christchurch, NZ)Walking Labyrinths in New ZealandWalking on Water Labyrinths (NZ) and Labyrinth Walking in Johnsonville, New Zealand.


6 thoughts on “Labyrinth Surprise in Auckland, New Zealand

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  3. Heather McLeod: To find this and other labyrinths in New Zealand, look at our Facebook page “Labyrinths New Zealand” and the website On the website, each labyrinth has its own page and a clickable map shows where they are. We look forward to welcoming people to Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud.

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