Labyrinth Walking in Johnsonville, New Zealand

Christmas-time walking of a labyrinth is a Geoffrion family tradition. This year we prayed together at the Uniting Church labyrinth in Johnsonville (near Wellington), New Zealand on this seven-circuit classical labyrinth with stone pathways and terra cotta dividers.

Thanks the Uniting Church for their hospitality and to the World-Wide labyrinth locator for for listing this labyrinth. If you are looking for labyrinths in New Zealand you may want to check out http:/ This site has excellent resources for those seeking labyrinths on both the North and South Islands.

To see other posts with photos of New Zealand labyrinths: Suffering and the Labyrinth Prayer (Christchurch, NZ)Walking Labyrinths in New Zealand, Walking on Water Labyrinth, and Labyrinth Surprise in Auckland, New Zealand.


5 thoughts on “Labyrinth Walking in Johnsonville, New Zealand

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  5. Lovely photos of labyrinths In New Zealand Jill. I am one of the administrators of Labyrinths New Zealand and maintain the North Island Database. If there is further information you would like on any of these labyrinths pease do get in touch.

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