Walking Down Under: Sydney Centennial Park Labyrinth

What would it be like to walk the cathedral labyrinth in Chartres, France without the building? The setting of each labyrinth profoundly influences the walker’s experience. When I arrived at the Centennial Parklands labyrinth in Sydney, Australia all I saw was a large slab of stone in the middle of a dry field. Fortunately, it revealed its beauty to me in many ways.

The setting of the Centennial Park Labyrinth

The setting of the Centennial Park Labyrinth

As I circled it in preparation for my prayer walk on this labyrinth, I noticed the great variety of tree species that surrounded it. The sounds of bird calls from the forest, ponds, and near-by trees began to register next. Then, birds and bats, seen as shadows moving across the labyrinth, revealed themselves. A ground pattern that seemed isolated and static had quickly become lively and lovely as I experienced it in context.

Once I entered the labyrinth the extraordinary workmanship quickly revealed itself. The shapes and proportions of this carefully laid out labyrinth set my body at ease.

People cycled, ran, and walked by. Many of them stopped at the sign welcoming them to the labyrinth.

Signage near the labyrinth

Signage near the labyrinth

One mother and her two children came to “walk.” The children, of course, made a game of it, chasing each other and seeing if they could get from the center to the threshold faster than their mom could get from the entrance into the center.

Family wlaking and running the Centennial Parklands Labyrinth

Family walking and running the Centennial Park Labyrinth

Another family who had been enjoying a picnic nearby thought the smooth surface of the labyrinth would be a wonderful place to play ball games, including soccer and basketball.

Later, when returning to the labyrinth after a walk in the park, very large bats took to the sky near the labyrinth.

This truly extraordinary labyrinth experience was the product of the magnificent sandstone below my feet, the companions beside and above me, the natural setting surrounding us all, God’s Spirit which accompanied me, and the pattern that helped me to focus my body, mind and spirit as I opened to all that was within and around.

Walking the Centennial Park Labyrinth

Walking the Centennial Park Labyrinth

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who envisioned and realized this labyrinth. How I wish that every neighborhood had a labyrinth like this to bless it!

To find out more about this labyrinth or other labyrinths in Australia click on the links below.
You can read more about the history of this labyrinth on the Sydney Labyrinth home page.
You can also read more details related to the labyrinth on the Worldwide labyrinth locator. Access a map to see the exact location of the labyrinth near the Willow Pond in the Park.
You can find information about labyrinths throughout Australia on the Labyrinth Link Australia website.

Running the labyrinth

Running the labyrinth

Taking one step at a time, I am spending this phase of my sabbatical in Australia, walking as many labyrinths as possible. I am not following a set itinerary, but am trusting the path as it unfolds below my feet. If you are a labyrinth enthusiast in Australia, perhaps we will find ourselves walking together at some point.


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