Finger Labyrinth Prayer in Kampot, Cambodia

A final labyrinth walk was planned for the Spiritual Journey workshop in Cambodia. Unfortunately, the labyrinth was removed from the floor to make room for another group. Due to the generosity of photographer Alain Kilar, each participant had a large photograph of the Chartres labyrinth which we used as finger labyrinths.

Finger labyrinth prayer by Jill K H Geoffrion


As their fingers and minds moved towards the center participants prayed, ““Holy Spirit, what do you most want me to remember from this week?”

While resting in the center those present prayed, “Holy Spirit, what do you want me to do differently in my life and relationship with you?

As their fingers moved back towards the doorway of the labyrinth, prayer continued, “What else do you want to say to me before this course ends?”

Reflection, both personal and in the group followed.

Reflection after finger labyrinth prayer by Jill K H Geoffrion

The labyrinth is a magnificent tool for prayer. It was my great privilege to witness how this design helped pastors and church leaders move deeply into the love of God.

For more information on labyrinth walking in Cambodia:

Kampot, Cambodia Labyrinth (building and children walking) (2016)

Praying the Labyrinth in Kampot, Cambodia (2016)

Drawing and walking labyrinths in Kampot, Cambodia (2016)

Introduction to labyrinths: Kampot, Cambodia (2016) (pdf) and Second introduction to labyrinth prayer, including drawing 3 and 7 circuit labyrinths (2016) (pdf)

Building a masking tape labyrinth in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (2014)

Labyrinth Prayer in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (2014)

Praying the Labyrinth in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (2014)

To see a video montage of the week prepared by our Cambodian colleagues, click here.

Previous Spirit-Led Leadership Training in Cambodia (including slides of labyrinth experiences)


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