La cathédrale avec la lumière de printemps

Eight Days on Retreat in Chartres: La Retraite Cathédrale 2016

Participants come to the Retraite Cathédrale in Chartres seeking renewal and a deeper experience of the love of God.

The Ignatian Exercises, prayer in the cathedral, and ecumenical partnership hold the annual retreat together.

More specifically, meditation on biblical texts, communal prayer (including prayer using the labyrinth), visually-based learning, silence, and daily spiritual direction open many doorways to healing and growth.

The goal of the service team  is to support those on retreat as they explore their lives and faith, seek to follow Jesus more closely, and prepare to serve God more fully.

While the many images from the cathedral  speak in their own way, French is the language used for teaching and praying.

It is my joy to serve on the leadership team of the retreat. Next year’s Retraite Cathédrale is scheduled for May 6-13, 2017. Perhaps God is inviting you to join us.

For more information see a fuller description of the retreat, or visit the Chemin neuf site, or contact me.

La vue de COACH

The cathedral from the window at the retreat house


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