Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Labyrinth

Stunned by the beauty of the labyrinth, I stood beside it and looked around at the chapel, at the trees, at the seminary buildings, and at the various-sized stones that made up the path dividers of this eleven circuit Chartres-style labyrinth that was installed in 2016.

Nestled in an oak grove

Moving to the entrance, I got a closer look at the way it had been constructed.

Mosaic of stones forming the path dividers

Crossing the threshold, I noticed the importance of both the larger stones that helped me find my way and the smaller stones that firmed up the pathway below me.

Afternoon light on the labyrinth

The play of shadows accompanied me as I moved towards the center. I could hear water sounds from a fountain near the entrance, the gentle music of an immense windchime placed in a tree beside the labyrinth, as well as birds singing. What a soothing environment for a Saturday afternoon prayer walk!

Signage near the entrance

I moved slowly, trying to let the environment in and stopping often as I took time to reflect on my desire to get to know the labyrinths of Austin. Clearly, creativity abounds in this labyrinth community! When I arrived at the center I was reminded that each labyrinth reflects choices that have been made about materials, design, and purpose.

The center of the labyrinth–a small “circular” area filled with gifts left by walkers

Walking back toward the threshold, I felt so much gratitude for this peaceful place to walk and pray. I felt connected to myself, to those I carried in my mind and heart, and to the Path that guides so faithfully.

Returning to the threshold

Some labyrinth experiences gift us with insight. Some gift us with strength. Others gift us with emotional shifts or spiritual openings. This labyrinth’s gift to me was an experience of feeling surrounded, even held, by Beauty, Kindness, and Hope. I hope one day your path will lead you there.

The labyrinth when viewed from the side of Shelton Chapel

More information:

Address: 100 E. 27th St. Austin, Texas 78705
Just north of the University of Texas campus on the seminary grounds. Located just behind the Austin Theological Presbyterian Seminary sign and beside the chapel. There is parking on the seminary grounds–you may need to go get a parking pass once you arrive.
GPS: 30.291805° Lat.; -97.737335° Long.

To find labyrinth information related to local labyrinths in Austin (or close to you) use the World Wide Labyrinth Locator, the Well-Fed Spirit Labyrinth Map, and the Austin Labyrinth Project Map.

The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Website
(I wasn’t able to find any information about the labyrinth on this site.)

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One thought on “Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Labyrinth

  1. What a beautifully crafted labyrinth. Thank you for the photos and commentary. I felt like I was almost there, entering into the experience. I hope to walk it myself and visit the seminary one day.

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