St. George’s Episcopal Church Labyrinth in Austin

Walkers are greeted by a Peace Pole as they approach this Chartres-style labyrinth in a field near the church.

Walking to the entrance. Hwy. 35 is visible in the distance.

Reminders to pray for peace are certainly welcome during this time of great turbulence all over the globe. Acts of violence, personal and societal in nature, flood our consciousness and move our hearts. We walk with horror, compassion, and often a sense of helplessness.

Parasites on oak branches above the labyrinth

Thoughts involving the efforts of the military and citizens in Ukraine to defend themselves and their country, the jurors weighing verdicts in cases stemming from racism in the United States, the beleaguered people of Myanmar resisting the military coup that has threatened their freedom and lives for over a year, the families and friends of victims of gun violence in my hometown of Minneapolis, as well those dying of COVID around the globe spontaneous emerged to companion me as I prayed for peace.

The rock-line path

Looking at the stones that had been laid down, one by one, by the youth community in 2005, I was reminded of all those with the burdens that they carried and hoped to lay down who had come before. I knew that they had prayed for peace too. I was sure that others would follow us, joining their laments, hopes, and efforts for external and internal peace with ours.

Looking to the center of the labyrinth

As my prayer continued, I was reminded to keep moving, not give up, and do what I can in my own spheres of life–both public and personal.

A small yellow flower poking its head out of the ground on a 32-degree morning.

Small unexpected gifts which some would consider inconsequential or “weeds” brought courage as I continued. Support is often closer than we think.

St. George’s Episcopal Church and its 68-foot labyrinth

The way can feel long because it is. Here are some of the important messages of the St. George Episcopal Church labyrinth to us: keep walking, keep praying, keep working for peace.

The peace pole offers its message as one leaves.

More Information:
Address: 4301 North IH-35 Austin, Texas 78722 Office: 512-454-2523
GPS: 30.299782° Lat.; -97.715518° Long.
St. George’s Episcopal Church

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2 thoughts on “St. George’s Episcopal Church Labyrinth in Austin

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  2. I very much appreciated your comments on your companions in walking for peace. The journey of life is indeed long and painful, with so much to carry–and yet so much to release so that we can continue to stay engaged with those who are suffering greatly. This is my daily experience in relation to my colleagues and students in Myanmar, the Congo, and Ukraine. Thank you for sharing your experience and perspective. (By the way, for some reason, when I glanced at some of your photos of the stones in the labyrinth, I thought I was seeing a collection of mini-tombstones. I appreciate how labyrinths have a way of revealing what’s on my heart and mind, and helping me to know how to pray better.)

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