Journey Imperfect Faith Community Labyrinth in Austin

Acknowledging our imperfection on the front end takes a lot of pressure off. I came to this labyrinth knowing only it had a 5-circuit medieval pattern, had been installed in 2017, was 19 feet in diameter, and sat on the grounds of a faith community that’s name implied a lot of grace.

The threshold

Standing at the entrance I felt intrigued. The pathways of crushed rock were bounded by stones of various shapes, colors, and sizes. Some had been painted with names, others with symbols. This mosaic of rock all fit together in some surprising way.

Weeds grew freely, a natural and even beautiful part of the labyrinth, as they seem to be in our imperfect lives.

Those who had created the labyrinth and those who had walked it left messages for those of us who would come. Walking in community (which itself is always imperfect like its members) involves surprises and gifts.

Each stone seemed to have stories to tell. Each contributed in a meaningful way to the whole. The complexity of this seemingly simple labyrinth unveiled itself as its path wound its way back and forth.

The stones, their stories, and the path led me towards the center of the pattern and the center of my own imperfect, beautiful life.

Where might you go to understand, accept, value, and embrace your own imperfection?


To find labyrinth information related to local labyrinths in Austin (or close to you) use the World Wide Labyrinth Locator, the Well-Fed Spirit Labyrinth Map, and the Austin Labyrinth Project (Google) Map.

More Information:
Address: 7500 Woodrow Ave Austin, Texas 78757 Church website
GPS:30.346954° Lat.; -97.724320° Long.

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