Post-Labyrinth Questions to Ponder

Reflecting on the meaning of labyrinth experiences yields greater understanding. After completing a time or labyrinth prayer it is helpful to explore what happened in the environment and within. These are the questions I have been using to deepen my understanding after labyrinth walks in Austin, Texas.

Church of Conscious Harmony Labyrinth

What happened? 

Oak Hill United Methodist Church Labyrinth

What is the message or gift of this particular labyrinth experience?

Ascension Seton SW Hospital 7-circuit medieval-style labyrinth

Where do I notice The Divine in what I experienced?

Ascension Seton SW Hospital 7-circuit classical-style labyrinth

What is my prayer now that I have walked and reflected?

St. John’s Episcopal Church 11-circuit Chartres-style Labyrinth in Austin, TX

What do I want to remember and take with me?

Becker Elementary School 7-circuit medieval-style labyrinth with paw print in the center

More Information:

Christ Episcopal Church of Cedar Park: Hwy. 1431 (3.5 miles west of Hwy. 183) Cedar Park, Texas 78630
Church of Conscious Harmony: 7406 Newhall Lane Austin, TX 78746
Oak Hill United Methodist Church: 7815 Hwy 290 W. Austin, Texas 78736
Ascension Seton SW Hospital (near Medical Plaza 2): 7900 Farm to Market Rd 1826 Austin, Texas 78737
St. John’s Episcopal Church: 11201 Parkfield Drive Austin, Texas 78758
Becker Elementary School: 906 West Milton Street Austin, Texas 78704


To find labyrinth information related to local labyrinths in Austin (or close to you) use the World Wide Labyrinth Locator, the Well-Fed Spirit Labyrinth Map of labyrinths in the United States, and the Austin Labyrinth Project (Google) Map.

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