Lenten Contemplation on Austin Labyrinths

During this season of Lent, contemplative prayer has been a daily practice while experiencing the labyrinths of Austin, Texas. The words of Jeremiah 6:16 have often moved in my mind and body.

Welcoming sign above the stairs to the labyrinth at St. David’s Episcopal Church in downtown Austin

Stand at the crossroads, and look,

The meeting of four paths in the labyrinth

and ask for the ancient paths,

The central flower of this eleven-circuit, Chartres-style paver labyrinth

where the good way lies; and walk in it,

The threshold of the labyrinth in the church courtyard

and find rest for your souls.

Extensions around the perimeter remind me of the arches of monastic cloisters

What favorite quote or biblical passage would help you move deeper into meditation and contemplation this Lent?

Preparing for the Ash Wednesday service held on the labyrinth

More Information:

Address: St. David’s Episcopal Church, 304 East 7th Street Austin, Texas 78701 Website
GPS: 30.268620° Lat.; -97.739293° Long.
If the gate to the labyrinth is locked, inquire in the church office and they will arrange for it to be opened (during church hours M-F and Sunday).


To find labyrinth information related to local labyrinths in Austin (or close to you) use the World Wide Labyrinth Locator, the Well-Fed Spirit Labyrinth Map of labyrinths in the United States, and the Austin Labyrinth Project (Google) Map.

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2 thoughts on “Lenten Contemplation on Austin Labyrinths

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  2. Thank you Jill, for sharing these beautiful labyrinths in Austin, Texas. Also thank you for reminding us to pray for a peaceful world.
    I feel so much sadness over the Russian/Ukarainian war. God bless your work.

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