Desert Blooming: Terlingua, Texas Labyrinth

The Big Bend National Park Area in West Texas is stunningly beautiful. The first few times we drove by this motel in Terlingua on the way to the Park, we had no idea that a labyrinth was literally a stone’s throw away.

Terlingua, TX

Thanks to the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator we found out that it existed (5 minutes from where we were staying), contacted the steward of the labyrinth, and were welcomed with open arms.

Every labyrinth has its own story; this one clearly had many! As we arrived, a group with some who had never walked a labyrinth before, we knew that we were in for a special experience! What else could we think when we were greeted by a bunny holding a crystal globe!

Stone labyrinth in the desert, Terlingua, Texas

Stones placed on the desert were arranged in a large Chartres-style pattern in Easter Egg Valley. The rocks that helped define the edges of the pathway were local, varied, interesting, and engaging! Small plants grew where they seem to have self-seeded.

It was hard to know if looking up or looking down would bring more beauty to the eyes!

Labyrinth walking in Terlingua, Texas

Whether standing in the center or walking toward or away from it, people could often be seen bending over for a closer look–perhaps at a rock, or at personal mementos that had been carefully tucked between stones.

We had all come to the Big Bend National Park area to celebrate a wedding that afternoon. New and old friends found themselves standing in the center together (I invited them) and shared about what the experience had been like.

We each identified the feelings we were experiencing after the labyrinth walk.

We also shared how our walks mirrored other aspects of our lives and what we wanted to remember.

Teralingua, TX labyrinth in the desert

As often happens, some ideas for other labyrinths came to mind and heart. My suggestion is to check the World Wide Labyrinth Locator this summer if you want to find a new labyrinth in Austin!

If you are ever blessed enough to visit the Big Bend National Park, I highly recommend stopping for some perspective at the Terlingua labyrinth.


3 thoughts on “Desert Blooming: Terlingua, Texas Labyrinth

  1. It’s nice to see and read something from you every now and then. Even if often in a changed guise (I mean the website or the blogs). Do you remember our meeting in Chartres with Robert Ferré?

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