Prière, Labyrinthe

Artists Walking the Labyrinth in Chartres

A retreat for artists was held at the Center Œcumenique et Artistique de Chartres (COACH) in February, 2016. Because labyrinth walking was new to almost everyone, a visual introduction was offered. 

While the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral was not available for walking, the leadership team from the Chemin Neuf Community offered a labyrinth walk in their parking lot. Welcoming comments about the labyrinth walk were followed by personal prayer and meditation on the beautiful Chartres replica that was created by Lisa Moriarty and left in Chartres with the Chemin Neuf while the cathedral labyrinth is covered by scaffolds used for restoration of the nave (May 2015-July 2017).

A firm date has not been set for the re-opening of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth. If all goes according to plan (best case scenario), it should be available for the regular Friday walks (from approximately 10h00-17h30) sometime in July, 2016. Updated information should be available from the secretary in the cathedral office as the time of reopening approaches. She can be reached from Monday-Saturday between 9h30-12h00 and 14h00-17h30 (French time): +33 (0)

Prière, Labyrinthe

Labyrinth Walk at COACH, Chartres France


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