Finger Labyrinth Prayer

Have you ever prayed a labyrinth with your finger? These seminary students were so excited to learn this new way (to them) of praying. We began with a prayer of blessing for our hands taken from Re-Discovering the Gift of Finger Labyrinths by Martha Erickson. Next we entered into prayer using a variety of labyrinths to pray. I had scheduled twenty to twenty-five minutes for the finger-praying and discussion about the experience. After thirty minutes when the students were still praying “in the center” I realized that my propensity to pray quickly was not facilitating the depth of meaningful connection with God that I hoped for. By the end of the two-hour class we had “finger-walked” many less labyrinths that I had planned for. However, we had received from God far more than I ever imagined we would.

Special thanks to John Ridder ( for the donation of wooden finger labyrinths and to Alain Kilar ( for the donation of his beautiful photographs of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth. Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries is delighted to receive finger labyrinths and labyrinth books that we share with others around the world. Contact Jill to donate  labyrinth products for our students.


One thought on “Finger Labyrinth Prayer

  1. Martha’s prayer for finger labyrinths is so beautiful and inspiring. I too love my finger labyrinths. Such a personal and introspective experience for me. Thank you for your ministry Jill. I am sending you prayers from St. Luke, Gresham Or.

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