Peace Lutheran Church Labyrinth in Austin

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, as the military government continues to attack its own citizens in Myanmar, as conflicts rage around the globe and affect those we know in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as those we don’t know in many countries, as people just a block from our church in Minneapolis grieve the murder of those they loved, it was comforting to find a labyrinth with the word “Peace” in its name.

Entering the labyrinth is a step of faith, just as praying for peace that seems impossible to imagine is.

The way forward towards peace often feels far from obvious.

What seems like they might be impossible choices present themselves. One wonders, I am walking towards peace or away from it?

Places that have been known for their peace can seem unrecognizable.

Whether coming or going, the way asks for trust and perseverance.

There is much we can not control, but we can choose to continue to walk, embody, work, and pray for peace.

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Address: 10625 Ranch Road 620 Austin, TX 78726 Site:

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