Five Oaks Ranch Labyrinth in Austin

Meeting other labyrinth enthusiasts on the path is one of the great joys of discovering labyrinths while traveling. Thanks to the Well-Fed Spirit Austin Labyrinth Map and the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator, I contacted Nancy at the Five Oaks Ranch, asking about the possibility of walking. Texan hospitality was in evidence as she invited me out.


One of the beautiful unique features of this forty-five-foot, seven-circuit medieval-style labyrinth of crushed granite and Texan limestone that was built in 2018 is the self-seeded bluebonnets, the Texan state flower, that have found their home here.

Turkey Vulture soaring above

Surrounded by live oaks, and accompanied by a variety of songbirds and raptors, I was touched by the way the wind made itself felt–physically and metaphorically. Later, when I researched why Life Oak leaves fall in the Spring, I discovered that new growth pushes out the old, dead leaves. I was showered with them as I prayed on the path.

Jagged and straight edges create rounded turns

Much is unsettled in our world; the old is being pushed away by the new, but are the changes signaling the advent of life or death? A labyrinth is an important place where paradoxes can be held, explored, and embodied.

The circular area connecting the four directions of the path

Throughout the walk, I kept passing the cross which reminded me of the suffering that is being experienced all over the globe right now. I felt encouraged to pray in many directions.

Thankfully there was a bench, made from cedar and live oak trees that had been toppled in a storm, waiting to support me in the center.

Walking back out over the bluebonnets that were preparing to blossom felt precarious (I didn’t want to crush them) and hopeful.

A turn on the path

Reminders of resiliency encouraged me as I prayed on this Lenten afternoon.

I pray we are walking amidst death towards resurrection.

More Information:

Address: 14301 FM 1826 Austin, Texas 78737 Website: Contact Nancy for availability.
GPS: 30.162329° Lat.; -97.946022° Long.
Information on the Five Oaks Ranch Labyrinth.


To find labyrinth information related to local labyrinths in Austin (or close to you) use the World Wide Labyrinth Locator, the Well-Fed Spirit Labyrinth Map of labyrinths in the United States, and the Austin Labyrinth Project (Google) Map.

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